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Tongli Ancient Town (同里 Tóng Lǐ)

Tong Li

Tongli (Chinese: 同里; Pinyin: Tónglǐ) is a town in Wujiang county, on the outskirts of Suzhou. It is known for a system of canals reminiscent of Venice, Italy.

Tongli is 40 minutes away from Suzhou city, costing 8.5 RMB by a direct bus, or around 70-80RMB by taxi. The city retains many of the features of an ancient chinese town.

Attractions There are several museums in Tongli. This is more like a wax museum describing the culture of China in the olden days, about Marriage, the dynasties etc. The tickets cost 80 RMB for a bunch of many attractions or individual attractions cost 10 or 15 RMB. Tickets to enter the ancient town cost 25 RMB, however foreigners are typically made to pay the full 80 RMB even if you have no interest in visiting the many halls and gardens. After 6pm entering Ancient town is free. A boat ride costs 60 RMB irrespective of the number of people.

There is also a beautiful islet called "Luo Xing" islet to be traveled by ferry. Luo Xing Islet costs 10 RMB fee including the ferry fee.

There is a Sex Museum, which costs 20 RMB. You can enjoy a lovely dinner sitting by the canal watching a boat pass by while the small restaurant cooks some nice Suzhou food. Tongli is peaceful, serene, calm and quiet.

In 2004, Tongli together with Luzhi and Zhouzhuang were listed in the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Watertown Tongli (part1)

Watertown Tongli (part2)

Ancient fishing style, using cormorants, Tongli, China

Fishing woman and birds in Tongli

boating in Tongli, China

Rickshaw ride in Tongli