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Qibao Water Village

QiBao: Shanghai's Ancient Water Town《老外视线》

Qibao (Chinese: 七宝; Pinyin: Qībǎo) is a town in Minhang District, Shanghai, People's Republic of China. Pronounced Qi'bao, the placename means Seven Treasures[1].

Its formation can be traced back to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, to the Northern Song Dynasty already begun to take shape. Its name comes from the local temple, "Qibao Temple" is now no longer exists.

Now Qibao town is Shanghai famous tourist attractions, one Tong River Po exchange across the town, the river a few blocks with different features of the bridge. Town Street in the display style of the ancient town is also a bustling commercial street.

Qibao town of cricket is a well-known local specialty, is said to Qibao production cricket bravery, aggressiveness, are top grade.

Qibao is also famous painter Zhang Chongren - that is, the Belgian cartoonist Hergé's friend, "The Adventures of Tintin" in Zhang's prototype - the hometown, the town of existing Zhang Chongren former residence, as Zhang Chongren Memorial open.

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[HD]上海 七宝镇(七宝老街) Qibao, Shanghai


Qi Bao

Vendors making pastry in Qibao (七宝 ) in Shanghai


A Wonderful Blind Man Playing Traditional Instrument (Qibao Old Town - Shanghai, China)