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Mount Wuyi - 武夷山 - Wǔyí Shān


The Wuyi Mountains (Chinese: 武夷山; pinyin: Wǔyí Shān; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Bú-î-soaⁿ) are a mountain range located at the prefecture Nanping, at the northern border of Fujian province with Jiangxi province, China. The mountains cover an area of 60 km². In 1999, Mount Wuyi entered UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites, both natural and cultural. It is the most outstanding biodiversity conservation zone of Southeast China. Numerous types of tea are produced around Mount Wuyi; it is the origin of the real[clarification needed] Da Hong Pao tea and Lapsang souchong, further described in Wuyi tea.

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Travel China-Wuyi mountain Roaring Tiger Rock & A Ray of sky 武夷山



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Wu Yi Mountain

Bamboo Rafting in Wu Yi Mountain

Bamboo rafting @ Nine-twist Stream of Wuyi mountians China

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