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Mount Qingcheng (青城山, Qīngchéng Shān)

中國道教聖地: 青城山 A/02 Mt.QingCheng

Mount Qingcheng (Chinese: 青城山; pinyin: Qīngchéng Shān) is a mountain in Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China. It is amongst the most important centres of Taoism (Daoism) in China. In Daoist mythology, it was the site of the Yellow Emperor's studies with Ning Fengzhi. As a centre of the Daoist religion it became host to many temples. The mountain has 36 peaks.

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Mt. QingCheng(青城山)

【世界遗产在中国720HD】青城山与都江堰 1/3

【世界遗产在中国720HD】青城山与都江堰 3/3

【世界遗产在中国720HD】青城山与都江堰 2/3

Qing Cheng Mountain

Qing Cheng Shan & Du Jiang Yan - 四川省 青城山・都江堰

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Qingcheng Snow

China, QingCheng Mtn, cable car

Flautista en la montania QingCheng

Man walking around a tree