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2007 Chinese slave scandal

Chinese slave labour raids - 17 June 07

The 2007 Chinese slave scandal (simplified Chinese: 山西黑砖窑案; traditional Chinese: 山西黑磚窯案; pinyin: Shānxī Hēi Hēiméi Zhuān Yáo àn; literally "Shanxi Black Brick Kiln incident") was a series of forced labour cases in Shanxi, China. Thousands of Chinese people including children had been forced to work as slaves in illegal brickyards, and tortured by the owners of the brickyards. As of June 2007, approximately 550 people have been rescued from such situations.

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chinese shanxi province Modern slave

poor Chinese worker in brickkiln.

Child slaves, Shanxi, China. 山西童奴