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Sarah Chen

Time of Waking up from the Dream 夢醒時分

Sarah Chen is a Taiwanese singer who became famous during the late-1980s and early-1990s. Her most famous hit songs, many resulting from her collaborations with songwriter Jonathan Lee, include Dream to Awakening 夢醒時分 and Is it Right to Love You? 這樣愛你對不對. Her 1989 album Talk to You, Listen to You 跟你說聽你說 became the first album to reach a million sales in Taiwan. After she retired from Taiwan's entertainment circle in 1998, many rumors have surfaced concerning her reentry but none have been confirmed to be true.

In 2007, in the inaugural Singapore MediCorp 8 Chinese Drama 25 Years, the original theme song Samsui Women 紅頭巾 sang by her, was voted the Top 5 Theme Songs for the past 25 years. Samsui Women 紅頭巾 was a popular Chinese serial produced in 1986 by Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.

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